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“Trolley” by Jim Abts

An editorial cartoon from Jim Abts.

Please share your thoughts.

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4 Comments to “Trolley” by Jim Abts

  1. Wynnie Hee

    Where is this cartoon from? Not Star-Advertiser… or is it? Jim Abts got it right about the special interests riding HART… and Cayetano as mayor will indeed be a road block, but as his supporter, I see him as standing up for the common people and defending the public good.

  2. Paul

    ALL the folk I talk to do not want this FISCALLY INSANE Rail project !

    ALL the folk they talk to feel the same !

  3. tony

    Now they’ve put all our eggs in the rail basket
    And given the job to Grabauskas to task it
    Now he’s broken ground
    And he’s city bound
    “Tis time to put this FrankenTrain monster in a lead-lined casket


  4. Mario

    Where is the CEO of Hawaiian Electric on the cartoon? Is she hiding inside? I am sure it will double her salary once they start billing the train.

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