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Move Oahu Forward special interests

Move Oahu Forward special interests

I urge you to read these articles about business leaders forming Move Oahu Forward, an organization seeking to “educate” taxpayers about heavy rail and make us believe “finances for the project are sound.”

Here are the links:

These companies want at least $5.27 billion of our tax dollars spent on an obsolete rail system that wouldn’t reduce traffic congestion and would slash a 20-mile concrete scar from Kapolei to Ala Moana. If these wealthy executives think rail is such a good deal, all 30 of their companies should chip in $180 million each and buy the thing.

We need your help to fight these big-money special interests groups! Please sign up to volunteer and donate to our campaign.


Ben Cayetano

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2 Comments to Move Oahu Forward special interests

  1. Gemina

    Who are these “business CEOs” kidding? They don’t care about others. They care about profits for their companies. They will never use the rail.

  2. tony

    Now our train’s been specially designed
    With the city’s urban tagger in mind
    To practice his art
    Courtesy of folks at HART
    A better canvas he could never wish to find


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