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Another day, another change order for rail; This one’s $15.9 million

For everyone following the heavy rail debacle, here’s a project management term you’re hearing way too often: “change order.” When you hear “change order” think “more money.”

One of the latest change orders is Kiewit construction company’s request for an additional $15.9 million, as reported by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:

Kiewit won a $195 million contract to build a maintenance and storage facility where train cars would be serviced and stored. But because the price of steel and other materials has risen – and the project is about two years behind schedule due to the city’s unrealistic construction timetable – Kiewet wants more taxpayer money.

Compared to the railway’s $5.3 billion overall price tag, $15.9 million might not sound like a lot. But it is a lot.

How many police officers could the city hire for $15.9 million? How many firefighters? And how much taxpayer money will the city squander before the rail project is finally stopped?

Please share your thoughts.

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2 Comments to Another day, another change order for rail; This one’s $15.9 million

  1. What gets me is that despite the compelling facts that this rail project is a massive failure, the current mayor is pressing ahead like an insane cheerleader shouting “Go Rail Go.” A true leader, and the one that gets my vote, is the man or woman, who has enough character and confidence to admit a mistake. But that’s not what’s happening. It is the definition of a delusion to keep believing something even in the face of evidence to the contrary. That’s what our current leadership is—delusional. They are bent on doing this rail, and they simply do not care what anyone, no matter how credible, has to say. It is really disturbing when you think about. The bottom line is they don’t care because it is not their money. If the rail is such a great idea, then let’s see the current leadership donate 10% of their salary toward it then. It would at least give them a little more credibility than they have now.

  2. tony

    With stops all the way to Ala Moana from Kapolei
    And riders, heck, a few of whom may even pay
    To be herded like sheep
    Up to five or ten deep
    And return for more at the end of the work day


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