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Judge rules city must have three or more bidders when awarding contracts

To increase competitiveness and decrease favoritism in awarding government contracts, state agencies operate under a strict procurement code requiring at least three bidders for every project. That’s good.

City officials, however, okayed at least 26 rail-related contracts – totaling more than $144 million – without receiving three or more bids. That’s bad.

And that’s another example of the city recklessly spending tax dollars on an elevated rail project Oahu residents don’t need and can’t afford.

Fortunately this questionable contracting procedure is over, thanks to a Circuit Court decision forcing city agencies to obey the state procurement code – with no exceptions. Here’s a link to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser story:

Attorney John C. McLaren, whose law firm filed suit against the city, emphasized the importance of the court ruling, saying: “taxpayers of Hawaii are entitled to receive the best benefit for their money.”

So what happens next? Will losing bidders step forward and legally challenge the rail contracts?

Here’s a safe prediction: lawyers will get lots of fees, taxpayers will get lots of bills.

What do you think?

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2 Comments to Judge rules city must have three or more bidders when awarding contracts

  1. Brice

    The residents/taxpayers of Oahu have been “railroaded”. Note that “railroaded” has several definitions. One is ” to supply (an area) with railroads.” The other is ” to rush or push (something) through quickly in order to prevent careful consideration and possible criticism or obstruction”.
    It seems we have an abundance of the the second definition before the first one occurs.

  2. tony

    They say the train is coming sooner rather than later
    With its seats to fit the average Italian waiter
    But no need worry cos’ you probably stand
    Like cattle awaiting the farmer’s brand
    And without making the space on our H1 any greater


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