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“Line of Credit” by Jim Abts

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4 Comments to “Line of Credit” by Jim Abts

  1. Ward C

    I just received an email petition from a special interest group asking me to censure former Governor Cayetano because he “disrespects Senator Inouye.” If “disrespect” means asking hard questions, even of power, please give us more of that disrespect.

    We need some leaders who stand up to special interests and money politics — not fawn over it.
    Thanks for running for Mayor, Ben.

  2. Pat Allen Dilliner

    Howzit Ben,
    You have nothing to apologize for..ha…ha…there’s worst things said about you, you’re right.
    Politicians, more than others do develop a thick skin and a strong backbone…they have to.
    Read Borreca’s column today…it’s about time people saw the truth they have long known.
    Control = power even in old age. Living in a beautiful place like Hawaii is tough but it’s our home. Highest cost of living in 50 states and rising. We need more competition, less regulation.

    Ben, thanks for being concerned enough to “step up to the plate”. We’re telling all our friends and many of my classmates already support you.
    Oh “Happy Days”..and memories of Damon Tract.
    Pat (Kailua)…FHS class of ’57

  3. sacramento

    another rail way to nowhere.

  4. tony davies

    The HART supertrain from here to nowhere
    Will leave us all without a dollar to spare
    With our sewage overflowing
    And potholes in our roads growing
    Ben is the man to tackle this State of Disrepair


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