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House Targets Oahu Rail Project, Slashing Budget by $150 Million

With the budget battle heating up in Washington, Carlisle, Caldwell and other train boosters
planning on $1.55 billion in federal money to help build the elevated railway better come up with another plan.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives, in a sign of things to come, cut funding for the nation’s new subway and rail initiatives by $200 million. And Oahu’s rail project was the prime target, losing $150 million of the $250 million allocated by the Senate.

Don’t believe bogus claims that federal money for rail is guaranteed. It’s not.

Would a sharply divided, budget-cutting Congress in an election year approve $1.55 billion for
a “train to nowhere” opposed by the majority of Honolulu residents?

The short answer is “no.”

And how would Carlisle or Caldwell pay for rail if federal funding doesn’t materialize?

The short answer is probably “more taxes.”

Please share your thoughts (and watch your wallets).

Hawaii Reporter – Malia Zimmerman article

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3 Comments to House Targets Oahu Rail Project, Slashing Budget by $150 Million

  1. Paul

    Malia’s comments say it all.

    Unfortunately Carlisle & Caldwell have their collective heads buried in the sand on this issue.

    Former Mayor Hanneman can be added to the above !

    Fiscal Insanity !

  2. Kevin

    I’m still blown away by Carlisle comparing those who don’t like the rail to those who don’t like the Mona Lisa. It is clear that Carlisle cares more about Kiewit’s (the rail builder) balance sheet than the city’s and no doubt, if not elected, he will go to work as a private consultant lobbying for private contractors.

  3. Mario

    Now that they sliced 150 million do you think they will use the line of credit? If Federal money comes in a trickle how do they finish the train by 2019? I am sure that contractors will be asking more money for change of orders and delays.
    HART should change the order and start modernizing our bus system instead of wasting more money on this train that probably will never get completed.

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